• How big is the smoker??

    The unit stands at around 500 mm tall x 410 mm ( outside handle - outside handle ) wide x 415 mm ( outside hinge - outside handle ) deep

    The body is around 300 mm diameter and 3mm thick and holds a 275 mm diameter handmade stainless steel cooking grill

    It comfortably holds a Large chicken or approximately 2 - 2.5 kg of pork shoulder and is the perfect size to travel with you in your campervan, motorhome or caravan. It even fits in the boot of a Mini!!

    • How much does it weigh??

    Fully built up the sturdy and robust Smoker weighs in at approximately 18 kg...

    • How long can you cook on it for??

    The small but mighty BeardSmoke Mini-Un, portable camping smoker is VERY efficient for its size!

    With 1 chimney full of unlit quality lumpwood charcoal poured in the bottom and approximately 3/4 of a lit one poured on top we did a 6 hour Lamb Tikka shoulder cook low n slow, then left it running for about another 4 hours before shutting it down by closing the vents.

    The day after there was around a half chimney of charcoal leftover to use in our next cook!!