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  • The Importance Of Cooking To Temp!!

    20% Thermapen Discount Code Inside - Learn why cooking meat to internal temperature and not time is important with this helpful guide. Find out the benefits of using an instant read thermometer to ensure the best results and food safety. Read on to learn how to achieve perfect results…
  • Modifying my El Cheapo Smoker for better results!!

    Find out how I modified my first cheap stacker smoker from Amazon to achieve great results, And how this ultimately inspired the creation of The BeardSmoke Mini-Un Travel Smoker!!
  • Some of our favourite recipes and cooks

    Coming soon - A selection of our favourite recipes and cooks...
  • How to season and light your smoker

    Lighting your smoker is easiest with a chimney starter...
  • Campsite Cooks

    BeardSmoke Mini-Un Smoker On Location - Castleton Cook

    A cheeky weekend away with the Lads!